People with latent depression or covert or covert depression put up a happy front and hide their struggles with inner demons. So, such people do not have clear signs of mental illness. But there are some common habits of depressed people that you should be aware of in order to reach out to your loved ones.

However, before we talk about the hidden habits of depression, we must know that hidden explanations are the result of a culture that encourages the idea of ​​hiding sadness and lack. In such cultures, showing emotional trauma is often frowned upon and considered a sort of cultural taboo.

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in children and adolescents, but it is often underdiagnosed and underdiagnosed. On top of that, social media dominates our lives to the extent that we cannot go beyond virtual communication.

It’s hard to figure out what your friends are going through without talking to them face-to-face, giving them a big hug, and looking them in the eye. A beautiful texting language with emotional emojis can help a depressed person hide all their pain and suffering. A smiling emoji does not mean that the person is actually laughing out loud and having a real life.

If we don’t break out of technology-based connection, we’ll stop understanding each other. People suffering from depression do not share their mental state even with the closest people.

Only if you take the time to understand people with depression will they reveal their scars and wounds to you. Otherwise, the world will turn into a dark place in the distance.

Here are 13 habits of people with hidden depression.

  1. They may make a deliberate effort to appear happy.
    It is a misconception that all depressed people have a dull personality. The social construction of depression deviates from the medical understanding of the disease. Moreover, the stigma associated with depression and other mental illnesses forces people with depression to pretend that everything is fine.

Depression can be characterized by a variety of symptoms, not just feeling down or sad. Therefore, depressed people tend to change their facial expressions and moods and may be the “happiest” people you know.

They try hard to be optimistic, even when they are broken and hopeless in life. This is one of the most common habits of people with latent depression.

  1. They may have disposal problems.
    There is nothing more painful than the loss of a loved one from your life. But it hurts a person with depression more than a normal person. They are scarred for life and tend to suppress their emotions. As time passes, they become more and more secretive, fearing the crisis of their loved ones.

They feel guilty and guilty for something they didn’t do and feel terrible enough to deal with their loved one. They withdraw and make an effort not to burden their loved ones.

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