12 Breakfast Ideas Under 250 Calories

12 Breakfast Ideas Under 250 Calories

People who eat in the morning are more active and burn 500 more calories during the day. Here are our ideas for easy yet delicious breakfasts!

Do you usually skip your morning meal? However, British researchers analyzed data from about fifty studies on the effect of breakfast on the ability of children.

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Schoolchildren who eat breakfast do better than others in school, they have better spatial memory, short-term memory and concentration.

Not eating after waking up also contributes to weight gain. Usually in a hurry at noon you eat on the go for lunch and a hearty dinner.

Thus, breakfast is a good basis for a balanced diet throughout the day. However, an adult can do without it if he harmonizes his lunch and dinner. Feel free to enjoy another main meal, such as an afternoon snack.

What do you prefer for breakfast?

Many of us tend to forbid carbohydrates. However, the presence of a source of carbohydrates is still necessary in the morning to replenish energy. Choose whole grain bread. It contains a large amount of grains and fiber, which contribute to the feeling of satiety.

On your bread, ham, cheese, eggs, butter, jam… You can afford a small treat in the morning, always in reasonable amounts. You will have a whole day to eliminate it.

Finally, prefer fresh fruits to fruit juices. They will provide you with fiber and vitamins.

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2/11 –

Scrambled eggs
Rich in nutrients, including vitamins and protein, scrambled eggs contain 91 calories.

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3/11 –

avocado toast
Avocado toast is high in calories. however, it is a good fat. An avocado provides 140 calories per 1/2 serving. With a slice of whole grain bread, breakfast jumps to 220 calories.

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4/11 –

regular porridge
Vitamins, minerals, iron and magnesium, cereals can help you lose weight. Replace oatmeal with a tablespoon of oat bran and one tablespoon of wheat. Do not add sugar, only warm milk.

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5/11 –

scrambled eggs
If an egg has 85 calories, adding butter or cream to scrambled eggs brings the calorie count to about 148.

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6/11 –

Plain pancakes
The pancake remains crepe-like, with a thicker batter, so less liquid. The richness of flour mainly provides carbohydrates, but according to recipes, 100 g of pancakes contain about 230 kcal.

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7/11 –

Banana bread
Check out the recipe! To take full advantage of banana bread, opt for an easy recipe without eggs, milk or yogurt. Very satisfying, count another 200 calories per slice of cake.

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11th August –

Fresh fruit salad
Fruit remains primarily composed of carbohydrates and fiber. They contain vitamins and minerals. The energy value of 100 grams of fresh fruit salad is 84 calories.

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11 September –

Homemade waffles
If industrial waffles remain banned from your diet, homemade and prescription, then 100 g of waffles provide about 240 calories.

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Vegetable omelets
With 2-3 medium-sized eggs and summer vegetables like spinach, asparagus, zucchini, or mushrooms, you get a balanced breakfast for just 240 calories.

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11/11 –

mini pancakes
If you change the recipe, your pancakes can be healthy. White flour can be replaced with whole wheat flour, and butter with a little olive oil. Then the GI of the dish will be much lower. By making mini pancakes, you reduce the amount of food you eat.