Women are perceived as more mature than guys because they appear more gentle and emotional. But sometimes even ladies can come out of their shell. Do something crazy that will blow everyone’s mind. What are these gross things that all women do but never admit?

In fact, many ladies don’t give up much about themselves, preferring to be more mysterious and cagey. However, like all human beings, ladies are curious and want the unknown. This means that women behave in the same way as men, but in a certain way.

Even women can accept bad behavior from guys, but they don’t know it. They exist in the natural world and there are no single ladies who don’t do it. But these they never talk about, not even to each other. Of course, they are kind of rough and tumble.

Here are 16 gross things all women do but never admit.

  1. Put used bras in the laundry basket and take them out to wear again later. Because others don’t fit properly and are uncomfortable.
  2. Before throwing away tampons, examine them carefully and make sure they are reusable.
  3. When they run out of mats, they wrap the area with toilet paper.
  4. Taking off your bra as soon as you get home is the best relief.
  5. Crying for no reason and looking at yourself in the mirror.
  6. Squeezing ingrown hairs and pimples. Surprisingly satisfying!
  7. Wearing the same clothes as yesterday, because you won’t meet the same people.
  8. Eating food that falls into the cracks.
  9. Sleeping with the light on because you’re still afraid of the dark.
  10. Keep clothes stained, because you will need clothes to wear during menstruation.
  11. Pressing your breasts while going down the stairs. It just seems like the right thing to do!
  12. Use dry shampoo and don’t wash your hair for several days.
  13. Dancing in front of the mirror before going out. If you haven’t been to a party lately, you should.
  14. Taking all your breasts off because you look like a 10-year-old and then regretting it.
  15. Shaving your legs only in summer and on special occasions.
  16. Smelling your clothes to see how long you’ve been wearing them before washing them.

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