4 Effective Ways to Remove Tonsil Stones Without Surgery

The small white spots you can see on the tonsils at the back of the throat are not called tonsil stones and are responsible for a variety of oral problems, including bad breath. Tonsil stones form from the buildup of microbes, body fluids, skin cells, and nutrient stores in the openings of the tonsils.

Here are the best:

1 – Tip Q

Grab the perfect cotton swab and lightly pop tonsil stones to get them out of your pockets. Do this until they’re removed, then keep pressing until they fly out.

2 – Spraying the dental water supply system

Syringes for dental water systems can remove other tonsil stones and are easier to use than cotton swabs. Hold them upside down so the bricks fall out of your mouth. The liquid in the syringe should be made up with 3% hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of water. Hydrogen peroxide will successfully remove the stones and also clean the area.

3 – oral irrigator

This device is an exceptional programmed method for removing tonsil stones. Place the appliance nozzle directly on the stones, turn it to the lowest setting and turn off the flame. Be careful though – the weight of the device can damage the tonsils.

4 – Oral Probiotics

Taking probiotics like S. Salivarius 12 works very well against tonsil stones. It is ideal to open a container of probiotics and mix it with 4 ounces. warm water. Gargle the mixture in your mouth near the tonsil stones – tilt your head back if you can’t reach the spot. This will loosen the stones and make them fall down more easily. Biting the gums or brushing the area around the tonsils with toothpaste can also make the procedure easier.

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