5 places to eat like in New York

5 places to eat like in New York

We travel fairly easily to New York from Belgium… How? Eating American delicacies here and there. A brief overview of 5 dishes that give pleasure.

Pastrami waffles in Picard

The brand once again impresses with a limited collection of 100% American products, as we love them, for every taste and desire. From decadent pastrami waffles to an ultra-gourmet veggie burger, from corn dogs (an American Fair classic), to comforting grilled cheese and colorful vanilla confetti cake, Picard has everything to please travel and gourmet lovers!


Lobster roll at Joli Jam

The brand new restaurant at the Jam Hotel in Brussels has undergone not only a change in design, but also in the menu! Therefore, the program includes classic American delicacies from north to south, in particular, the incredible lobster roll, the soft bread of which is prepared every day. We also let ourselves be seduced by a plate of oysters, as we would in Manhattan, or a bagel with cream cheese and avocado.

Joli Jam – Chaussee de Charleroi 132, 1060 Brussels – www.jamhotel.be

Fried chicken at Hector Chicken

Americans love to fry, it’s no secret! Especially when it comes to fried chicken! Without crossing the Atlantic to enjoy this dish, we book a table at Hector Chicken, a restaurant specializing in fried and fried chicken. We especially like the crispy wings that are dipped in breadcrumbs just before cooking. The secret to a fried puelta that is both tender and crunchy, just like we eat it in the US.

Chicken Hector – www.hector.be

Bacon Burger by Be Burger

What better symbol of American cuisine than a burger? And for this we go to Be Burger! Well-established in and around Brussels, the brand offers gourmet burgers that will melt fans of this quintessential US staple. burger New York makes it good with its melting cheddar, its barbecue sauce and especially its crispy bacon.

Be Burger – 7 restaurants in Belgium – www.beburger.be

Brussels Hot Dog Food Box

There is something for everyone at this restaurant, located 300 meters from the Grand Place. When it comes to hot dogs, we go for the classic bratwurst, caramelized onion and yellow mustard, the BBQ that’s thicker with bacon, cheddar and tomato, or even the guacamole version of the hot dog. Everything costs about 8 euros.

Rue Grétry, 47 – 1000 Brussels. www.foodboxbrussels.com