On the third or fourth day after showering, the question of cleanliness may arise. For example, you might stare in the mirror and wonder how long it will take you if you don’t take a shower. But there’s more to a bath than just revitalizing your body, and knowing what happens when you’re not in the shower will convince you to wash regularly.

But not so regularly – in general, experts recommend taking a shower every two or three days. “The idea that you need to shower every day to maintain personal hygiene is a social norm and habit,” dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Bahar told Houshman. , causing shock.”

If your lifestyle involves daily washing, you may want to shower more often, says family and emergency physician Dr. Jeanette Nesheivat. “If you work in an environment (such as a school teacher or health care provider), it’s best to shower daily to prevent infection and prevent the spread of infection,” she told Bustle.

Once you’ve found the shower routine that works for you, you’re ready to go. But if not showering for a week has brought you suspicious changes, experts share the side effects you may experience below.

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