A French chef gives a Breaking Bad chicken recipe.

A French chef gives a Breaking Bad chicken recipe.

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Season 11 candidate Best Chef, Mori Sako was a crowd favorite. He opened his first restaurant last September. Mosuke in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. netflix launched a weekly cooking show with a Malian chef to come up with recipes made famous by movies and TV shows.

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Gustavo Fring, beware

While he was making bao buns a week ago Spirited away This week, Mori Sako took on a symbolic series that is nothing short of breaking Bad. The 28-year-old chef was known for his fried chicken recipe during Best Chefso it was only natural that he took up the mythical recipe Los Pollos Hermanossign Gustavo Fringgreat enemy Walter White.

Cottage cheese, bell peppers, garlic, lemon, jalapeno, ginger… At first glance, a fairly simple marinade for these chicken breasts, but according to a former chef, it is extremely effective. Mori Sako makes the recipe in discouraging lightness which will make all budding students want to make the recipe.