A smoothie recipe published by Gwyneth Paltrow caused a panic on the Web.

A smoothie recipe published by Gwyneth Paltrow caused a panic on the Web.

Gwyneth Paltrow was teased online this week after she posted a breakfast smoothie recipe on her website Goop. A popular English daily newspaper bills more than $200 for the preparation of this drink, while Vanity Fair charges just $10.

Reaction to the actress-turned-culinary-guru’s recipe was swift when Daily Mail UK detailed the price of this expensive smoothie that Americans drink every morning. The popular daily newspaper didn’t go overboard with the headline: “Gwyneth Paltrow shares her goop breakfast smoothie recipe with aphrodisiac herbs and moon dust, but ingredients cost $223.”

English journalists arrived at this price by adding up 11 ingredients detailed by the actress.

In addition to the usual almond milk, almond oil and coconut oil, this smoothie requires rarer ingredients such as maca (Andean root), ashwagandha (Indian plant), ho shou wu (a plant from the Far East, also called knotweed), cordyceps (mushroom) to improve skin health, sleep, mood, and even libido.

The Daily Mail estimates jars of these ingredients range in price from $17 to $65 each, bringing the total to over $200.

The mention of this salty addition gives a somewhat catchy connotation to the title of a daily newspaper that has caught the attention of Internet users. But Vanity Fair wanted to come to the rescue of the Californian by listing the exact cost of this recipe, and the magazine billed $10.52 for the smoothie.

For example, a large can of Moon Juice Sex Dust can cost up to $60, but a smoothie only needs one teaspoon of this ingredient, or $4.50 for the most expensive powder in the recipe.

“Moon Juice Sex Dust” is made from ingredients such as ho shou wu, cocoa and maca, and aims to stimulate the sexual energy of men and women and increase creativity.

Here is the recipe for this smoothie that Gwyneth includes in her breakfast every morning: http://goop.com/recipes/gps-morning-smoothie/.