Are Green Vegetable Juices Better Than Others?

Are Green Vegetable Juices Better Than Others?

Chlorophyll in green vegetables squeezed into juices green According to micronutrition specialist Valerie Espinasse, it has a “detoxifying” effect. Photo Getty

green juice replaced Tea Latte in the hearts of gourmets, from New York to Paris. Are juices better for the body if they are made from green vegetables?

Wave green juicethese freshly squeezed juices mixed with fruits, vegetables and herbs never fail to tempt gourmets recipe lovers healthy. These green juices, sipped like magic potions, are the cornerstone of diets advocated by many actresses and models in search of healthy food, including Gwyneth Paltrow. But are these fruit juices really healthy because they’re green?

More greens, less sugar

Valerie Espinasse, nutritionist and co-founder of Good Organic Only (1), explains: “Green juices tend to be vegetable-based and contain less sugar than fruit juices. The chlorophyll present in green vegetables also has the ability to oxygenate. On the other hand, fennel, black radish or artichoke, acting on the liver, have draining properties and, therefore, are antioxidants. green juice a combination of different vegetables will be more beneficial.”

The benefits of organic

But be careful, because ordinary fruit juices do not have the same consumption as green juice and homemade fruit juices. Micronutrition specialist formal: “Fruit juices commonly available on the market consist of water and fruit concentrate. Qualitatively, it is rather poor. For fruit and vegetable juices to be truly healthy, they must be fresh and organic. When they are organic, they have more vitamins and do not contain pesticides or chemical fertilizer derivatives. Ideally, they should also be cold-pressed to minimize vitamin loss.”

Shot of energy

But then if we succumb to the trend green juice ? Valerie Espinasse says: “Juices are like fruits and vegetables, you can never eat too much of them! As long as they are organic and preferably cold pressed, you may be tempted. Fruit juice and vegetables in the morning are ideal. For example, for a little energy shot. And if you want to have a treatment to detoxify your body and in particular to lose weight, you can opt for one liquid diet day per week (unless medically indicated). in the field, do up to a 3-day treatment every 15 days.”

(one) Valerie Espinasse offers personalized micronutrient treatment based on micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and herbal medicine.

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