Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

April is National Grilled Cheese Month, so we want to share with you the best cheese restaurants in Montreal. At the same time, we take the opportunity to celebrate macaroni and cheese, which is also popular among cheese lovers.

If there is a day to take your favorite grilled cheese sandwich and share it on social media, it’s April 12, 2022 because it’s National Cheese Sandwich Day.

Our beef-of-grace

There are currently several Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce branches in the Greater Montreal area. This restaurant offers fresh, high quality burgers (and more). They favor local and high quality ingredients. You can eat there for brunch on weekends in addition to other meals of the week. If you’re a creative person, create your own mac and cheese recipe by choosing your favorite ingredients. The rest of the mac and ribs are delicious as they are served with their famous BBQ ribs. On site, the entire menu pairs beautifully with the various cocktails served in glass jars!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Rabbit in a hurry

This warm cafe located in Petit Laurier will welcome you 7 days a week! Offering coffees from a variety of roasters, a good selection of wine bottles, and great grilled cheeses, this is a great stop next to Parc Laurier. They offer 6 types of melted cheese sandwiches including a vegan option! Choose from regular (cheddar, onion), popular (gouda, bacon, pepper, onion), morning (cheddar, bacon, egg in the hole), or vegan (gusta cheese, onion). Add your favorite drink to this and voila!

@lapinpresse Best grilled mac and cheese in Montreal!

Cheese Truck

Cheesy comfort food lovers, this is the perfect place for you! In the summer, they can be found in Monkland or in a street truck. Find dishes made with local cheeses such as poutine, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese. Our original favorites are grilled cheese poutine served with challah bread and mac and cheese served with sweet green peas, roasted cauliflower, homemade cheese sauce and caramelized cheese.

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Cookie Stephanie

Cookie Stéfanie du Vieux-Montréal specializes in gluten-free products and offers excellent pastries and grilled cheese. 3 recipes are offered: classic, with bacon and with apples and bacon. Accompany it with soup, salad and/or treats to go completely gluten-free!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

coffee duck

A charming 3rd wave cafe in Hochelaga (and soon the village), Canard Café prepares all meals on site. Delicious prepared meals, coffees selected from the best roasters and friendly service await you. Our favorite grilled cheese is definitely green apple and caramelized onion. Believe me, he will not leave you indifferent! Add to this your hot drink and enjoy it all on site or to go.

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Beauty and Bull

This multi-franchise company in Quebec is basically dedicated to respecting all women. With a desire to offer trendy décor, a relaxed atmosphere and constantly innovating, we offer quality classic burgers and creative recipes. The cocktails on offer are a great bonus to every meal at La Belle et La Boeuf. Many recipes are offered, but Grilled King Kong is unique in that it is made with grilled cheese, 5 ounce hamburger meat, fried egg, smoked bacon, horseradish mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and another grilled cheese to top it all off. As for macaroni and cheese, our attention was drawn to mac and cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and ringolo chips! Find a branch near you to try these recipes for yourself!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Cafe Ruby (Doggieville MTL)

At Ruby’s Café you can enjoy a hearty brunch prepared by the famous Passé Composé, have a good coffee and take your dog with you! The menu is as aesthetically pleasing, generous as it is delicious. Le Berger is made with sliced ​​yellow beets, pesto, pistachio goat cheese, baby spinach with sour sauce, beetroot microgreens and rustic bread. Grilled cheese chorizo ​​is also delicious with peppers, onion and rosemary compote, fried chorizo, marinated feta, aged cheddar, jalapeño yogurt, jalapeño brunoise, pecans and cilantro sprouts. It’s up to you what you choose: a vegetarian or meat sandwich, in any case, you will enjoy every bite.

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Paul and Susan

Paulo and Susanna is the place to eat for anyone who loves light snacks, any time of the day, 7 days a week. They have received many awards for many original recipes for burgers, poutine and grilled cheese. Whether you’re a classic or an original, you’ll find your account with the items on offer. If you like to eat hot, try Diablo with angus beef burger, fire chitas and southwestern sauce. In any case, you will leave with a satisfied and full stomach!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Fried Cheese Lab

Grilled Cheese Lab, known as various delivery apps, is perfect for any macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese cravings at home! If you like these 2 dishes, choose Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese, cooked on the spot, mac and cheese, mozzarella, aged white cheddar, American cheese, scallions and herbs. 2 courses are also available with truffle, tuna or salmon! Exquisite and so nice to enjoy at home!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Macbar and cheese

Newly opened on Ontario Street in the Village, Macbar et Fromage Restaurant & Bar is a must visit! Enjoy comfort food and creative cocktails. The smac sandwich offers a combo version with cheddar cheese, mozzarella, cream cheese, macaroni and cheese, and also served with pasta chunks! Otherwise, they present some inventive mac and cheese recipes, such as the cheddar macaroni cheeseburger, ground beef, shredded lettuce, red onion, and mustard pasta sauce. It is also possible to order food at home in your favorite application.

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Dirty dogs

Located on rue Saint Laurent and Crescent, be sure to find a good atmosphere at any time, especially during happy hours! The portions are generous and the cocktails are original. Combine your favorite mac and cheese recipe with a burger or poutine. Several duets are possible according to your desire and preferences. There are 3 Mac options available: Attack Mac, PIG Mac and Hot Mac. Don’t forget to book before you go there!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

vegan box

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, La Boîte Végane offers healthy food in the restaurant, takeaway, delivery or catering. Find them at La Prairie and in Montreal on Prince Arthur East. Grilled cheese here is decadent with macaroni, cheese and vegan cheese. You can also try fried pasta and cheese balls, it’s very tasty! How, with cheese, these dishes are savored just like with real!

Best macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese in Montreal!

Triple crown dinette

This Louisiana restaurant lets you discover the abundance of Southern United States cuisine. Whether you are visiting for hearty brunches, lunches, dinners or picnics, rest assured that you will have generous and delicious meals. Macaroni and cheese is prepared exclusively on site and served according to a classic, but very sophisticated recipe! This dish is available in small or large format. We highly recommend pairing this dish with their fried chicken for an unforgettable experience!


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