Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

There are several disputes about the exact origin of the dish, commonly referred to as common dao or common tso. Some suggest that it originated in a Taiwanese restaurant, while others believe that it was invented in New York.

Contrary to popular belief, this dish does not belong to authentic Chinese cuisine. This dish is mostly served in North America in Asian restaurants.

Today it is a very popular dish in Montreal and several places claim to have an unbeatable recipe.

In this article we have collected the best in the city of Montreal.

VIP house

In the heart of Chinatown, VIP House is definitely one of Montreal’s favorite Chinese cuisine. Comments in various media are unanimous that he is the best general dao in town. They have a chicken version and a vegetarian version with tofu. The portion is generous, the breadcrumbs are crispy and the sauce is just the right balance between spicy and sweet. Also try their second most popular dish: chow mein!



The Mekong is a must in the Mont-Royal Plateau because of the warmth of the service, the aesthetic of these dishes, the creativity of the cocktails and the quality of the food. Most items on the menu can be changed to a vegetarian version, just ask! Specialties also include dao chicken with sweet and sour sauce, sriracha, crispy taro, sesame and rice. At the same time, try the Thai pad, which is just as good!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

At Tomio

Originally known as a street truck, it is now possible to visit their new branch on Papineau Avenue. You will be served delicious Asian fusion cuisine, including the famous General Tao! You can enjoy it as a dish, poutine or a vegetarian version with tofu. The menu is varied, the portions are large, everything is delicious. Benefit from experience on the spot, in delivery, to pick up or rent your street truck!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

Diner Deville

Deville Dinerbar is located on Stanley Street in downtown Montreal and offers the perfect combination of vintage American diner and modern cocktail bar. The dishes are as beautiful as they are delicious. It was the usual dao salad that caught our eye for its recipe with perfectly crispy chicken, grilled pineapple, fried wonton noodles and more. All you have to do is decide which cocktail will accompany your meal!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

Bistro CÔ UT

Ideally located on the Mont-Royal Plateau, this Vietnamese bistro offers an excellent menu that brings to mind street food flavors in a casual setting. They serve a personalized version of the common tao (ga tao) with fried chicken sautéed in a honey ginger sauce. If you don’t like the rice option, choose the new tao poutine! Recommendations from the team: don’t leave without trying the imperial rolls, they are crispy and served in a beautiful basket.

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

Thai holiday Sawadika

Sawadika offers one of the largest all-you-can-eat menus in the city of Montreal. Located in Saint Laurent, you can enjoy the best of Thai and Szechuan cuisine. During your visit, order as many plates of General Thai as you like because it’s delicious! Plus, you can even bring your favorite beer or bottle of wine with your meal! If you want to stay at home, order on their website and treat yourself to General Thai.

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!


Six different branches of Sesame offer you an Asian menu with classics reimagined. They use fresh, quality ingredients. They have several ways to enjoy the famous shared tao: bao burger, poke, plates, poutines (vegetarian or not), or a veggie version with tofu. If you want, complement the meal with a cocktail!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

kitchen aunt give

If you want to try authentic Chinese food besides general tao, you should definitely visit Cuisine Aunt Dai. Near Guy Concordia and in Anjou, owner Fagan Fey will take you back to his culinary heritage through each of the dishes served. People come from all over the city to come and eat his common tao, it’s so sensational. In addition to the affordable price, the welcome is warm and personalized. The owner also made a (long) explanatory video about his general tao recipe if you want to watch it on YouTube (English only).


Great luxury

Now you can find branches of L’Gros Luxe throughout Quebec. What is especially interesting about this company is that it adapts to each area where it opens a store, even to the point of changing some menu items and decor. In addition to beautiful cocktails served in glass jars, we suggest you try the delicious tao poutine served with vegetarian shiitake fried chicken, tao sauce, red pepper, green onion, sesame seeds and coriander. You will be asking for more again and again, we guarantee it!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

Ken Ching

Ken Ching in Laval is a restaurant with a family atmosphere and traditional recipes. The food quality is ubiquitous and the portions are generous. The common plate of dao and its tofu version are among the most popular on the menu. According to reviews, they are crispy, just sharp enough and well aged. Visit them with your family to share a few meals, you won’t be disappointed!

Best Restaurants Offering General Tao!

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the Common Tao. Each establishment offers its own interpretation of the best recipe, ranging from sweeter, spicier or fruity sauces. Luckily, there is something for everyone, which makes it hard to decide on the best place!