Bob’s Juice Bar full of vitamins

Bob’s Juice Bar full of vitamins

Bob's Juice Bar at 15 rue Lucien Sampe in Paris, in the 10th arrondissement.

On the window of this former printing house, an everyday scene is hidden behind the condensate. 2006 Mark Grossman, a New York-based filmmaker, makes pancakes in the back of his juice bar. There are no extracts. The air is saturated with the enchanting smell of America waking up on a Sunday morning. “When I lived in New York, I often went to the French cafe Ceci-Cela in Soho. There were rude waitresses and an unfriendly boss reading a big book behind the counter. I was instantly transported to Paris. At Bob’s Juice Bar, I wanted to reproduce the same sense of disorientation. I wanted it to be like New York…”

In 2006, healthy cuisine had not yet arrived in France. The Rose Bakery (then open for four years) is one of the few places where Anglo-Saxon culture brings a healthy vegan twist to the French gastronomic landscape.

Carrot juice and matcha cookies

Across the Atlantic, there are as many “juice bars” as there are bakeries in Paris. A market that is hard to imagine in France. However, Mark accidentally opens a juice bar. In parallel with his activities as a screenwriter, he seeks to earn extra money. He lives at 18 rue Lucien Sampe in the 10th block.and arrondissement of Paris, and on the pavement opposite he notices a very small place for sale. He borrows money from his family and imagines squeezing juice by posting crazy stories on his computer behind the counter.

After a week of opening, he realizes that he will not have time to write. Among the crates of fruits and vegetables, the girls from the advertising agency BETC (whose offices are nearby) are eagerly waiting for freshly squeezed carrot juice and matcha cookies. They are loyal to Bob! And, strong in their profession, they make loud advertising out of it.

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Thanks to one of them, Mark Grossman wrote his first book about smoothies (Smoothies, Marabout, “Small dishes”, 2007). BUT history of success what he couldn’t invent is written in beet juice. “I don’t think I’m at the forefront of a healthy trend in Paris. I’m not programmed to be trendy, I’m alternative, from the counterculture. I just happened to be one of the first to come up with such a concept here when the city was ready. »

Add latte culture

Keda Black, the daughter of a Scottish and French mother, is a bestselling food author who released her first book about cheesecakes in 2005. “When the urge to go to New York was too strong, I went to Bob’s Juice Bar. It was super exotic. And then this place legitimized my vision of cooking: the focus was on good homemade cakes, vegetables and fruits. It wasn’t considered a way to eat back then…

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Today, healthy canteens in coffee shops are the norm. “Mark’s appeals seem almost vintage to me, of course, not banal! “, said Keda Black, laughing softly. What’s more, when Mark goes to buy a cinnamon roll from the Circus Bakery, a bakery that comforted large numbers of Parisians during his imprisonment, he is hailed as the dean of the concept. healthy greedy.

It is true that in fifteen years Mark opened and closed Bob’s Kitchen, opened Bob’s Bakery (in Galle Pajols, at 18and) and open Bob’s Café at the MK2 Bibliothèque (13and). There he hones his approach to healthy and mouth-watering New York cuisine, adding latte culture and good artisan coffee. “I never wanted Bob’s idea to be an ideological concept. I develop according to the requirements of my clients. If she goes vegetarian or vegan, that’s great because I love finding alternatives. » The perfect scenario for a real cool hippie and gourmet.

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