Breakfast, great value

Breakfast, great value

WithOn the way back to school or work, how many go forward with enthusiasm and vitality, brisk steps, a lively mind and a full stomach? Breakfast alone should cover a quarter of your daily energy needs, according to the National Healthy Nutrition Program (PNNS) guidelines. An essential fuel for the head and feet, it’s a date at the crossroads of day and night. suffered a paradoxical fate. Crowned with the status of an informal, a la carte, free-scheduling, conversation-free meal, it is easily associated with sweet and soothing recipes with the flavors of childhood… Anything to please, in theory. And yet, while the vast majority of French people like to butter their crackers like OSS 117, the ritual remains largely standardized (hot drink and toast), quickly swallowed, even skipped.

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The health crisis, however, has rocked breakfast plates. Forced immobility and greater availability: According to a study, at the end of the first birth, 49% of parents said they prepared a more complete and balanced breakfast than usual for their family (Opinionway for Lactel, June 2020). In the respective departments of large stores, this has led to a strong increase in sales in 2020.. “On the other hand, the breakfast universe is in decline in the first half of 2021 due to less restrictive restrictions and a return to mobility,” says FMCG specialist Emily Mayer. She elaborates that the only category that continues to evolve is hot drinks that you can drink while working remotely after your morning break to replace coffee machine breaks.

French scheme

If the traditional French pattern persists (bread or porridge, hot drink, fruit or fruit juice, maybe dairy products, very little salt), then twenty years of breakfast composition testifies to a desire for healthier food, without excess sugar. , without harmful fats and excluding processed products. Organic, well established in this universe through products such as milk, “experiences competition from alternative offerings for better nutrition at lower additional costs”remarks Emily Meyer: milk intended to reward producers, compotes without added sugar, fair trade coffee… Finally, according to a consumer advocacy specialist, “The health crisis has exacerbated the link between food and health. However, since we consume more raw foods in the morning than at other meals, this makes it a favorable context for immune-boosting and immune-boosting foods, for example. superfruits [baie de goji ou d’açaï, acérola, etc.] »

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