Brine Juice, the New Miracle Ingredient You Can’t Succumb to

Brine Juice, the New Miracle Ingredient You Can’t Succumb to

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The liquid will relieve spasms, soothe heartburn, be rich in vitamins … Before swallowing the brine every morning, getting out of bed, we asked two professionals to take a closer look. Verdict.

In the United States, a new baby is joining the family of healthy recipes, ingredients called healthy. We named cucumber juice. Yes, the acetic liquid that pickles are pickled in when they’re in a jar.

In September, the magazine’s website Forbes even dedicates an article to it and considers scientific work testifying to its usefulness. Thus, the juice is said to be rich in antioxidants that control blood sugar levels and ease cramps. Across the Atlantic, some brands even go so far as to market it as a sports drink to improve post-workout recovery, like Pickle Juice, as we’ll find out. Forbes. If liquid is classified as a grandmother’s remedy in France, given its success and our tendency to follow American recipes (remember the kale obsession), we are not immune to the fact that we will soon encounter it. Good or bad news?

A solution for dehydration?

Juice contains a lot of salt, which helps to avoid dehydration.

Dr. Corinne Chicheportis-Ayache

Among the vaunted benefits of liquid vinegar we find its power in convulsions. A virtue that does not surprise nutritionist Corinne Chicheportes-Ayache: “Juice contains a lot of salt, and this helps to avoid dehydration. (Dehydration is one of the causes of seizures, Ed.) because it retains water. From there to drinking pickle juice after a run to limit muscle contractions, nothing is less certain. “I don’t see the point in brine in terms of recovery,” says Frederic Mathon, sports doctor. and sports nutritionist at the Research Institute of Health, Medicine and Sports. If you run for an hour, you should drink at least a liter of water after your workout. Personally, I don’t see myself drinking a liter of brine juice…”

To reduce pain after a session, a professional recommends following three simple recommendations. First, we avoid putting in more effort than we can: “During intense effort, we produce acidic waste products that can cause cramps and pain,” says the doctor. Then we properly hydrate before, during and after training with carbonated water “unsurpassed in terms of recovery,” adds Frédéric Mathon. Finally, a sports doctor recommends sugar intake. “Many people get cramps because they play sports with hypoglycemia. It is best to eat fruit, such as a banana, a little before the effort.”

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Daily ally?

It contains almost no vitamins.

Dr. Frederic Mathon

Some American forums and websites such as tasty , which specializes in culinary trends, advertises a variety of brine-related products. Brine, mostly vinegar, has similar properties. It can soothe a sore throat with gargles.

By balancing the acidity of the stomach, the juice also fights nausea, heartburn and eases digestion. Perspective. Besides. “These benefits have not been demonstrated, and if they are, the scientific studies are not reliable enough,” says dietitian Corinne Chicheportis-Ayash.

Another advantage: control of blood sugar levels. The doctor confirms this: “Vinegar, one of the components of the juice, increases insulin sensitivity, whose job is to lower blood sugar levels. Thus, it promotes better blood sugar balance.” In 2015, a study conducted by Greek scientists and published on the website Journal of Diabetes Researchalso showed the same finding in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Finally, brine juice should also be rich in antioxidants (in particular, vitamins C and E), but Frederic Mathon denies and, on the contrary, emphasizes that “there are almost none in the liquid.”


If the liquid seems not so useful, then in some cases it can even be harmful. “High salt intake can raise blood pressure and contribute to an imbalanced heart. If you have a slightly disturbed digestive transit, salt can cause stomach pain,” warns Dr. Corinne Chicheportes-Ayache. Without forgetting about “digestive disorders such as laxative effect when drinking juice in large quantities,” adds Frederic Mathon.

However, if it’s not a miracle, the brine can be used as an anti-waste seasoning, thanks in part to the vinegar it contains, to flavor cooked vegetables, tenderize meats, or even replace vinaigrette in salads.