Clopinette saves a recipe from the firemen’s calendar.

Clopinette saves a recipe from the firemen’s calendar.

This is the great story of the day! In these difficult times, sweet gestures embalm the heart. Score Clopinette de Niort recently saved the receipts for the firemen’s calendar (4,701 euros from the sale of approximately 600 calendars, plus 20% from the store, i.e. 940 euros).


Nothing was easy last year, and neither was the famous firefighter calendar sale. In response to these difficulties, some professionals mobilized, and this is the case of the Clopinette store in Niort.

The first seller to support the firefighters’ association in selling their calendars in this turbulent year, Jean Francois Kleinthe owner of Clopinette at the Grand Leclerc shopping center, handed over two checks yesterday David Ricollo. In this regard, the president of said firefighters association gave us an initial estimate for the sale of these calendars, which could not be carried out due to the door-to-door quarantine during December: we have done 50% of the regular recipe so far and should reach 60-70% “, says David Ricollo.

The assistance provided represents an income of 4,701 euros for the sale of approximately 600 calendars plus 20% of the value of the store, or 940 euros. Big congratulations for this beautiful gesture!