Today we are discussing the symptoms of kidney failure and the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Whether you realize it or not, you know many people with kidney disease, including Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon, Tracy Morgan, and George Lopez. More than 37 million Americans are living with kidney disease, and most of them don’t know it. Don’t want to know if you have symptoms of kidney failure? Well today we are discussing 10 symptoms of kidney failure.

I’m Dr. Frita. I am a triple board certified physician and practice Nephrology at Emory University Midtown Hospital. I am also the medical director of a dialysis unit with DCI in Atlanta. As a nephrologist, I diagnose and treat kidney failure. I often find that most of the patients I diagnose have no idea about the symptoms of kidney failure. Many of them did not even know that they were at risk of kidney failure.

Causes of kidney failure
The two leading causes of kidney failure in this country are diabetes and high blood pressure. Lupus patients are also at increased risk of kidney failure. I want you to watch my YouTube videos about diabetes and lupus. Most of my patients could have prevented kidney failure if they had been aware of the symptoms and risk factors.

Q: How many of you have been diagnosed with kidney disease and were shocked because you didn’t know the symptoms or risk factors? Leave a comment below.

10 symptoms of kidney failure

  1. Fatigue
    Symptoms of kidney failure can include fatigue or extreme tiredness, even after a good night’s sleep. There are many reasons why you may be tired. Anemia is one of them, or a low blood count. Shortness of breath, especially with fluid overload in the lungs associated with kidney failure, will make you feel tired.
  2. Insomnia
    Insomnia, or not getting enough sleep, is another symptom of kidney failure. Again, this can have many causes, including chemical imbalances and electrolyte imbalances related to kidney failure. If you are someone who can’t sleep, insomnia can be a symptom of kidney failure.

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