Custard toast, the TikTok recipe that’s revolutionizing breakfast

Custard toast, the TikTok recipe that’s revolutionizing breakfast

The famous social network with millions of users is not the first time causes a stir with a culinary recipe. Indeed, there are many videos in which people share their personal recipes and ways to revisit certain classic dishes. Let’s remember feta pasta with cherry tomatoes or zucchini spaghetti with goat cheese, which you can find in our article about 10 recipes that hit Tiktok and are easy to replicate. This time bring bread, yogurt, egg, honey and fruit of your choice and make delicious toast for breakfast.

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How to make a recipe?

Take natural yogurt, which you will mix with egg and honey until you get a fairly thick sour cream. Feel free to add lemon or even cinnamon if you like, it will give the recipe a bit of spice. Next, take the slices of the bun (one or more, depending on how hungry you are) and flatten the center of the bread with a spoon so you can pour in the pre-made cream. Once the brioche toast is filled with delicious cream, add the fruit of your choice (most often red fruit), then bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. Therefore, you will only have a decisive step – tasting. Feel free to change the ingredients and, why not, share your own recipe on TikTok!

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