Do you know what mistakes to avoid, especially when frying?

Do you know what mistakes to avoid, especially when frying?

If we tell you churros? Donuts? Fried chicken? Do you see common ground? Fried. This cooking method makes any dish much tastier and crispier! But be careful, frying can be dangerous if you don’t follow a few basic rules. There are many accidents and burns every year. In order not to make mistakes, we explain that mistakes should never be made.

Have you ever roasted? Because of the boiling oil, it is difficult to use this method of cooking with complete peace of mind … Between splashes, oil wear and other dangers that may arise, we are never too careful to give you our tips to avoid accidents. Here’s what not to do with frying oil to ensure you cook without a hitch.

Wrong choice of oil

This choice, this dilemma! Frying oil is an important choice that should not be overlooked. Too oily, too brittle in cooking… Oils have both advantages and disadvantages. Not all oils are suitable for high temperature frying.

All oils are different, which affects how you use them. Depending on the composition of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, they more or less quickly reach the smoke point, the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke, decompose and become unhealthy. For frying, preference should be given to so-called “refined” or “refined” oils, as is the case with some sunflower, rapeseed or peanut oils. For more peace of mind, turn to special fry bottles.

Doesn’t monitor temperature

The temperature must never exceed 180°C! Overheating the oil is extremely dangerous. We often forget to check the temperature, or don’t see the point of a kitchen thermometer… and your oil already starts to deteriorate at 190°C (smoke, chemical transformations of the constituents). And if you leave your oil on high heat for too long, it can ignite after it reaches 300°C, and it will happen faster than you think.

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Pour water into hot oil

This should seem obvious. We don’t pour water into hot oil to avoid setting your pan on fire or getting burned by oil droplets. The last thing we think about is how to dry the ingredients well before immersing them in an oil bath. A small paper towel for the chicken before breading it, or for the potato sliced ​​into french fries, and avoid disaster!

Do not remove air from the paste

For your donuts, churros or other… Any air present in the dough or in the piping bag must be removed. In case you don’t know, air bubbles in your oil will cause splattering and we hope you don’t get in the way risking severe or moderate burns…

Do not drain oil down the drain

You don’t know what to do with your oils after use, and they are too old (brown, with a lot of impurities) to keep in a bottle after they have cooled. Don’t throw them down the drain! Mother nature will thank you. Used frying oil is highly polluting to the environment, especially when mixed with water, as it prevents the proper distribution of oxygen. And since oil is not processed in water treatment centers, throwing it into the sewer will not help either. Find out if your municipality has a recycling center or toxic waste collection so you can get rid of your oil. If this is not the case, we advise you to pour it into a tightly closed bottle and throw it in the trash.

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