Fried Chicken Mori Sakko (Mosuke, MoSugo)

Fried Chicken Mori Sakko (Mosuke, MoSugo)

The idea for the “Closet Background”? Respect the Parisian chef or the chef we especially like in Time-out. Day after day, Supertok tells you his favorite recipe with all his little secrets!

Like us, you followed him in Best Chef. Like us, you have become fans. WITH ? This young (but promising) chef has come a long way! Mori Sako has opened his own restaurant Mosuke (one of the most anticipated restaurants in Paris this fall). A place that combines his passion for Japanese cuisine with Malian origins. Then, the conclusion obliges, it was necessary to release a version go : MoSugo was born, a restaurant with delivery and takeaway.

A big plus for this addictive fried chicken is just the right thing. ‘Cause in these times the conffi we want comfort food ! Calming, no problem. From food eaten with the hands frying in front of our favorite Netflix series…

But be careful: the quality of the ingredients is out of the question. The secret to really good fried chicken is in choosing a source. Please do not raise poultry on batteries! Maury, who has worked for the greatest brigades, will tell you: a muscular, outdoor-raised yellow chicken from the Landes matters! The chef’s creolized version, blended like his signature cuisine, also owes a lot to Cajun spices. Finally, to get that characteristic crispy crust, nothing beats Panko breadcrumbs… A delicious Japanese technique. You are ready ?


– 4 yellow Landes bird fillets
– 50 g Cajun spices (in two small slides: 20 g + 30 g)
– 50 g sunflower oil
– 3 g fine salt
– 100 g Japanese panko breadcrumbs
– 2 fresh eggs
– 50 g rice flour
– 110 g fresh cream (30 g + 80 g)
– 5g fleur de sel


1 – Peel and cut the chicken fillet in half lengthwise.

2 – Prepare the marinade in a high-sided bowl by mixing together 30 g of fresh cream, 20 g of Cajun spices, sunflower oil and a little salt.

3 – Add chicken to the dish, massaging the meat well so that it is saturated with marinade, then leave to marinate for 6 hours in the refrigerator.

4 – For the dressing, combine 80 g of fresh cream, the remaining 30 g of cajun spices and fleur de sel in a salad bowl, then set aside and refrigerate.

5 – For Panko breadcrumbs: separate the white from the egg yolk, then extract the white. Lightly beat the egg white with a fork to make it more runny. Roll the chicken fillet in the following order: in rice flour, in egg white, then in breadcrumbs.

6 – Cook in a pan at 170°C for about 4 minutes.

7 – After roasting, lay out well on absorbent paper and then season with a little fine salt and Cajun spices.