Fried Chicken Mori Sako – Liberation

Fried Chicken Mori Sako – Liberation

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Nothing compares to cooking to lift your spirits. Today’s fried chicken from a young star.

Classic food for the soul American fried chicken can be eaten in a variety of ways (with waffles and maple syrup, in a hamburger bun, with french fries, corn on the cob, etc.) and eaten in a variety of more or less spicy versions. This Monday, Chef Mori Sako (one star with Mosuke, his restaurant in the 14th arrondissement that we’ve been following to open) is delivering his recipe. To be prepared a little ahead of time, the meat should be marinated for six hours before cooking.

For four you will need: 4 fillets of bird landes yellow; 50 g Cajun spices (20+30); 50 g sunflower oil; 3 g fine salt; 100 g panko breadcrumbs; 2 fresh eggs; 50 g rice flour; 110 g fresh cream (30+80); 5 g fleur de sel

Clean and cut each chicken breast in half lengthwise. Prepare the marinade in a high-sided bowl with 30g fresh cream, 20g cajun spices, sunflower oil and a little salt. Add chicken to the dish, massaging the meat well so that it is saturated with marinade, and leave to marinate for six hours in the refrigerator. For the dressing, combine 80 g fresh cream, 30 g Cajun spices and fleur de sel in a salad bowl, then refrigerate.

For the breadcrumbs, separate the whites and yolks from the eggs, then gather the whites. Lightly beat the egg white with a fork to make it more runny. Dip the chicken fillet in the rice flour, then in the egg white and breadcrumbs.

Cook in a pan at 170 degrees for about 4 minutes. After frying, be sure to strain well on absorbent paper and then season with a little fine salt and Cajun spices.

Your turn ! If you would like to submit your own recipe, you can send it to us at k.hullot-guiot@liberation.frtelling us in three words or a hundred what it means to you, whether it’s a family recipe, a dish you’ve adapted from a cookbook, a recipe stolen from a friend, if it triggers a certain episode in your life…