“George” from Vape Party, what else?!

“George” from Vape Party, what else?!

Today at ” Let’s talk about e-juice ! ” we are going to ” swok discover the e-liquid that will probably be your new morning for the day:” George “out of stock” vape party“.


Ingenuity, originality and quality. Today and since 2015 swok is a key player in the e-liquid market in France. So who else can offer you a real all-day nugget to accompany your morning awakening?

A touch of elegance and a cloud of negligence… What else? Espresso, caramel and hazelnut round out the recipe for this liquid formula.

And George knows the recipe for success well. As creamy as it is seductive George from vape party will soon become as indispensable as morning coffee…

To learn more about this new recipe, visit the official Swoke website.