Girls Do You Know What is The Purpose Of The Pocket In Your Underwear, Bobbie On The Hat…??

Some of the products that we use on a daily basis have different purposes and some of them are unique and unusual. Many people question the purpose of these parts – for example, you know what the little pockets on women’s underwear are for? Here are 6 products we use every day and the purpose of specific parts of them:

Your underpants pockets
A women’s underwear pocket has been added for added convenience. This layer is made of soft cotton and is unstitched for your comfort.

diamond-shaped holes on the backpack
These holes were used as camping equipment for hiking and made it easier to tie a backpack.

Ball on the hat
This part on the hat first appeared among French sailors in the 19th century. At that time, ship cabins had low roofs and domes were added for safety. Balloons were later added to the knitted hat as a unique detail. Nowadays, the ball is used only as an aesthetic feature.

Stripes on pants
Stripes on trousers first appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century. After making a pair, the pants were folded and sent on long journeys to countries around the world. Even if they have traveled many kilometers, the pants always have a line. After a while, people accepted them and became a part of every pair of pants.

The line on the toothpaste
Many people believe that the line on the toothpaste represents the quality of the product, but it is actually a barcode. According to manufacturers, barcodes are used by machines that produce packaging and cut tubes.

A hole in the dough
The holes in the dough are there to easily fix the candy. In the process of production, a hole is made with a stick, and then it is fastened with a hook.

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