Zaman en çok yüzümüzun tüfümını. Every day, our exposure to harmful chemicals in the sun, wind, and atmosphere leaves a lot of damage on our face. It is not possible to get rid of these damages completely, but with proper skin care and small procedures, it is possible to reduce them to a certain extent. The most attention-grabbing part of the face is the eye area, and the problems in this area are the first attention-grabbing problems. In this article, I will tell you about the problems we often see around the eyes and what to do about them.

Common problems around the eyes:

Ulcers in the eyes
Under eye bags
Orta yuz region sarcoma
Göz ındalı kararma – morarma
Upper eyelid sarcoma
Kaz legs
How low
Eyelid fall
Ulcers in the eyes
Tumors are the most common disease. Arpacık diye is treated with antibiotics. Birde, especially in kidney disease, can cause swelling of the eyes. For their treatment, you need to be examined by an eye doctor and ophthalmologist. Bu tür bir bulunamazsa o zaman esthetik bir sorun var denebilir ve esthetic surgical methods of treatment.

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