Guilty Pleasure: 4 Places to Eat Delicious Macaroni and Cheese in Lyon |  food, drink

Guilty Pleasure: 4 Places to Eat Delicious Macaroni and Cheese in Lyon | food, drink

Most Perverted: Mike

It’s hard to think of anything better (and more nutritious) than a plate of macaroni and cheese with a hamburger or good meat. At Mike’s, a well-known chicken specialist, we decided to change the recipe a bit to surprise gourmets: mac and cheese are served in balls covered with breadcrumbs, which give them a crispy appearance on the outside and make them very moist inside. . A little Espelette pepper to spice it all up, a mold of cheddar for dipping, and here we are in heaven.

49 rue de la Charité – 2nd Lyon

Most Generous: Delicacies

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to making customers love it, Brice Fournier and the Delicatessen team know how to find the right words. In the midst of an endless plate of barbecues, we can’t resist the ultimate temptation to leave our favorite spot for cheddar pasta baskets. It must be said that the mixture does wonders for our throats and gives us a balm for our hearts (besides giving us another reason to exercise). At first glance, not particularly appetizing, but, God, how good!

6 rue de Savy – 1st Lyon

Most Made in the USA: The New World Smoke

In a good self-respecting smoked meat paradise, The New World Smoke has quickly become a haven for predators as well as shrewd beaks who can feast there without flinching or even feeling guilty (when they certainly should). In addition to the meat that melts in your mouth, the cuisine offers an accompaniment that will make anyone allergic to cheese shudder: mac and cheese fato for 4 euros. A light sweetness that makes the kebab pieces go through easily (well, almost…).

Smoke of the New World
3 rue Saint-Georges – Lyon 5th

Most Lyons: Daniel and Denise

Indispensable landmarks of our beautiful city, the restaurants Daniel and Denise (three addresses in Lyon) are masters in the art of preparing pure Lyon dishes. And in addition to andouiettes, veal heads and other kidneys, the house offers two wonders: buttered golden potatoes and baked pasta to die for. It’s clearly not the healthiest meal of your life, but you’ll get behind the wheel and that’s what you’re looking for when you get stuck in the Lyon traffic…

Daniel and Denise
156 rue de Créqui – 3rd Lyon / 36 rue Tramassac – 5th Lyon / 8 rue Cuire – 4th Lyon

And if you feel cordon bleu and/or your bank account sticking out your tongue, you can also opt for the 3-minute homemade version or Chef Jean-Francois Piegge’s recipe… Nice app!