Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals 0 Smoothie Recipe She Drinks Every Morning

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals $200 Smoothie Recipe She Drinks Every Morning

When it comes to personal care, Gwyneth Paltrow spares no expense. Every morning she makes herself a smoothie that makes her feel good, but the ingredients cost a total of…$200. The reason for such an exorbitant price? Magic powders.

If you were wondering what Gwyneth Paltrow ate for breakfast (why not, we all ask ourselves weird questions sometimes), know that the answer ended up on her lifestyle website. 100% organic actress drinking smoothies. But beware, this is not a classic smoothie: can you imagine a second Gwyneth content with plain banana/raspberry juice or mango/pineapple? But seriously: as a good specialist in what is good for the body, the star clearly opts for something much more unusual. And expensive, even very expensive: according to estimates daily mailto collect all the ingredients, you need 200 dollars (about 180 euros).

But what are these overpriced nuggets? First, there’s vanilla/mushroom protein powder (yes, yes) for $35 a pack. Then you’ll need Ashwagandha, an Indian herb that soothes anxiety (starting at $17), Chinese herb Ho Shou Wu ($18 per can), Cordyceps ($35), and Maca, a Peruvian herb ($25). To tie everything together, you should also add coconut oil, Himalayan salt, almond oil, and almond milk. Finally, Gwyneth finishes with a teaspoon of the mysterious Moondust: a very expensive finishing touch that costs between $55 and $65 for a 50-gram jar.

“Moon Dust” (literally “moon dust”) is marketed by the Moon Juice brand, founded by – oh surprise! Gwyneth Paltrow’s friend. There are mind powders, brain powders, sex powders, goodnight powders, and action powders, all available for sale – oh, second surprise! – the site of the actress. So if you have $200 to make yourself this super smoothie, go for it: the recipe is out. ! “Gwyneth drinks one drink every morning, whether she’s on a detox or not.”, to be specified. And so that her fans can do what she does, the star has really thought of everything: her website or Moon Juice’s website has a plethora of links to buy online, products she values ​​so much. How convenient.