Ham and Cheese Pasta Casserole Recipe

Ham and Cheese Pasta Casserole Recipe

Decide on a gluttony today with this succulent Ham and Cheese Macaroni Casserole recipe. A fun and inexpensive alternative to amazingly delicious meals that are ready in 10 minutes!


A real craving for pleasure? And you don’t have time to wait or spend hours in the kitchen? Luckily, we’re here for you and we’ve found a gourmet recipe that’s quick and easy to make at home: Ham and Cheese Macaroni Casserole!! A super regressive dish that we adore! So don’t wait any longer!

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It’s time to have some fun! Delight everyone with this very simple Ham and Cheese Macaroni Casserole Recipe, a delicious dish that is delicious and incredibly easy to make. If you are not a cordon bleu, go ahead with your eyes closed!

To make the Ham and Cheese Macaroni Casserole, follow the steps in the recipe below:



– 1 pack of pasta
– 1 package of grated cheese
– 4 slices of ham
– 200 ml fresh cream
– 1 egg
– 20 g butter
– Salt pepper


one. Boil the pasta in a pot of boiling salted water according to the time indicated on the package.

2. After cooking, drain them and place them in a greased form.

3. Cut the ham slices into squares and cover the pasta.

4. Pour fresh cream on top.

5. Crack the egg into the omelette and pour it into the dish as well.

6. Finally, cover everything with grated cheese (as much as you want).

7. Place the mold in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C.

8. Tasting without waiting!


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