Healthy diet with detox fruit and vegetable juices

Healthy diet with detox fruit and vegetable juices

“To be in shape, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day”: the slogan is well known, but sometimes it is difficult to apply in everyday life. Is it possible to find a solution on the side of freshly squeezed juices? According to the trend from the US, the answer is yes, because detox juice brands, brands and websites are thriving in France. Medicines for several days with evocative names even promise a promising tomorrow: “energy”, “harmony”, “gratitude”, “harmony” …

New hedonism

These brands are called


Wanna Juice, Juice Lab, Yumi, Nubio, Kitchen Detox, Paf… and suggest consuming these so-called “healthy” drinks to easily fit a healthy diet. “Caring for yourself should not be seen as a limitation. On the contrary, it is a new hedonism.”, analyzes Melanie Merenda, founder of Paf Juice Therapy. A new hedonism that has found its adherents even among chefs. A die-hard juice drinker, Thierry Marx teamed up with Pure Delight last year to offer a detox menu. In Brittany, Loïc Le Bai, the famous chef of Brittany in Roscoff, has provided his know-how to vegetable growers in the region to launch Green4You juices. There the idea is also to support the local economy. Dietox, for its part, has developed a variety of freshly squeezed juices from seasonal products in collaboration with professional nutritionists. Whether it’s body cleansing, slimming or body reshaping, the Spanish brand offers more or less long-term treatments adapted to the needs of everyone.

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Spirit of slow food

Because besides the marketing term “detox”, some take a sustainable, even humanitarian approach. Everything that makes up the spirit of slow food. Cojean, for example, donates 10% of its profits annually to the Nourrir Aimer Donner Foundation, which fights poverty. In Bordeaux, Jonathan Cavalier went on an adventure in 2017. Tired of looking for only juices of uncertain origin and quality, he envisioned an organic, ethical, seasonal and local juice company. Lao Juice is born. “I wanted to work with producers from the New Aquitaine region, because if I am sure that I know where my products come from and how they were grown, I know that I will have quality and taste”Jonathan explains.

A matter of taste and health

“The taste and composition of each drink is carefully studied. “At first I built associations on my own, taking into account the characteristics of each fruit and vegetable: antioxidant, diuretic, digestive … Then a naturopath helped me”clarifies Jonathan, who is aware of the effects of these drinks on the body. “You have to be very careful not to sell anything. Parsley in large quantities, for example, is not recommended for pregnant women., indicates Bordeaux. At home, an apple goes well with broccoli and kiwi; or prefer the lemon-mint blend… Pretty classic blends compared to others like Juice Lab, which has no hesitation in blending lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Explosive!

The right tool at home

Small appliance brands such as Nutribullet, Smeg or Bosch compete with new products. The main thing is to make the right choice between a blender, a centrifuge or an extractor. For Jonathan Cavalier, “It’s best to choose an extractor that will allow you to recover cold juices – as opposed to a blender and centrifuge that heat them up – and thus preserve all the nutrients. This method allows you to store them for 48 hours. »