Here is Mori Sako’s delicious and spicy ultra-crispy fried chicken recipe.

Here is Mori Sako’s delicious and spicy ultra-crispy fried chicken recipe.

When the temperature drops we also start to want hearty and delicious meals that will delight our stomachs and our taste buds. And since we will never say no to a good fried chicken, we are in a hurry to reproduce the recipe of Chef Mori Sako. Attention lovers of fried and spicy dishes, this dish is made for you! We appreciate it just like a trendy aperitif “food that is eaten with the hands” as a main course for lunch or dinner, served with french fries, as well as homemade ketchup and mayonnaise.

The result of the merger of Japan and Africa

Especially since this fried chicken recipe with delicious Cajun spices knows how to set itself apart from everyone else as it draws its influence from both Japanese and African cuisine. It is not for nothing that this dish has already established itself as a bestseller of the ephemeral takeaway restaurant of the former candidate for several months. Best Chef.

Discover Mori Sako’s fried chicken recipe.


4 chicken fillets (preferably yellow Landes chicken)

50 g Cajun spices

50 g sunflower oil

3 g fine salt

100 g breadcrumbs (Panko type)

2 fresh eggs

50 g rice flour

110 g fresh cream

5 g fleur de sel


1-Clean, then cut the chicken fillet in half lengthwise.

2-Prepare the marinade in a high-sided bowl with 30g fresh cream, 20g Cajun spices, sunflower oil and some salt.

3-Add chicken to the dish, massaging the meat well so that it is saturated with marinade, then leave to marinate for 6 hours in the refrigerator.

4-Make the dressing in a salad bowl with 80g fresh cream, 30g Cajun spices and fleur de sel, then refrigerate.

5-For the breadcrumbs, separate the whites and yolks from the eggs, then gather the whites. 6- Lightly beat it with a fork to make it more liquid.

7-Dip the chicken fillet in the following order: in rice flour, in egg white, then in breadcrumbs.

8-Fry the breaded fillet in a pan at 170 degrees for about 4 minutes.

9-Lay them well on absorbent paper, then season with a little fine salt and Cajun spices.

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