Here is the recipe for the perfect breakfast according to nutritionists

Here is the recipe for the perfect breakfast according to nutritionists

hard to understand what a perfect breakfast be in shape and keep the line. If for some, breakfast is the most necessary meal of the day, then for others, on the contrary, it should be reduced as much as possible, if not completely banned, by practicing intermittent fasting. What is certain is that justifying the first meal of the day is not a reason to jump on everything. After the first childbirth, most French people changed their habits and opted for a healthier and more balanced diet. According to the National Healthy Nutrition Plan (PNNS), this should cover 20 to 25% of daily energy consumptionis an 500 calories average for an adult. We deliver it to you recipe of dish perfect breakfast according to nutritionists Refuel with energy on these very cold days.

Lose weight: what to eat in the morning

Behind avoid cravings at 10am and don’t order pizza at lunchtime, your breakfast should be carefully prepared. It should consist of everything that our body needs to be in great shape and support us during our painful meeting. On the menu: a grain product for fibers and milk product for calcium and protein, fresh or compote fruit (we avoid juices), for vitamins as well drink for hydration. It is also recommended to drink tea or coffee at the end of breakfast, so as not to fill the stomach before eating! According to nutritionists, perfect breakfast would : Scrambled eggs, a slice of cheese, a slice of whole grain bread, citrus fruit, and tea or coffee. With these breakfast foods, your stomach will be filled with good things to start the day right!


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