Here’s Why You Should Never Let Your Kids Sit This Way!

“W-sitting” is a popular position used by children. In this position, the children sit with their knees bent, legs tucked under, legs out to the sides in a “W” shape. This is a normal sitting position as children feel supported and safe. Many parents do not know or understand the dangers of sitting their children for such a long time.

Sitting in the “W” position too often or for too long can adversely affect a child’s development and growth patterns.

The negative effects of “sitting” include:
Orthopedic problems
Developmental delay in postural control and stability
Delay in the development of fine motor skills
These are the main reasons why it is strictly forbidden to sit a child in this position. We want our children to be strong and this type of sitting prevents that from happening. It also puts unnecessary strain on the body.

Exclusive “W-Sitting” causes excessive stress:
Hip thieves
Internal rotators
Heel cord
Dislocation is easy and common for children who sit in this position. Also, sitting in this position can shorten or tighten the muscles. It affects the development of motor skills, balance and coordination. “W-sit” also reduces the need for stability, body position control, and weight shifting during play. It weakens the trunk muscles or hinders their development.

The only way to stop or correct this bad sitting habit is to be persistent. Teach the child how to sit properly and remind him how to sit on the floor. You can also buy a small table or a table with chairs.

For anyone who may be upset by this article, please refer to this original and child development article responses. All “W” seat occupants will have no serious problems, but this is not recommended as it increases the risk.

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