He’s a social media sensation, FastGoodCuisine’s Charles tells us more about his Pepe Chicken restaurant opening in Nice.

He’s a social media sensation, FastGoodCuisine’s Charles tells us more about his Pepe Chicken restaurant opening in Nice.

Fried chicken in all its manifestations. Charles Gilles-Companion, creator and host of the ultra-popular YouTube channel FastGoodCuisine, is opening restaurants in several French cities. The project is developed and supported by Taster, the European leader in virtual restaurant brands. The Toulon restaurant has been open since the beginning of the year, the Nice restaurant has just opened its doors. And they were waiting for him.

You announced this on your social media at the beginning of December, could you tell us when your restaurant opened in Nice?

February 22. The restaurant is located at 110 Gambetta Boulevard, next to Pizza Hut. For starters, we’re only doing takeout and delivery via Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Your community had to make the decision to have Pepe the chicken settle in the cities of his choice. Were there many people in Nice?

This is one of the cities that returned quite often. I know that there are quite a lot of followers in Nice. It is also a very, very important city in terms of delivery volumes. For us it is very important.

How do you explain this passion for your kitchen?

I have been making videos for many years. I have built a big fan base. They can finally try FastGoodCuisine food. It’s a passion that I’ve had since I was little. I think my authentic tone and my proximity to my community contribute to this. Local influencers test and share their opinion. These are the people who speak best about what they’ve tried and come back for those signature flavors. This is a mini-event every time you open it.

What can you tell us about the menu at Pepe Chicken?

We have a target map. I think to do something good, you had to focus on the product. I chose fried chicken because it is a product that I really like. This was also one of the first recipes on my channel. During my travels, I have been able to try many different fried chickens. I collected all of his fragrances. Thanks to Taster’s know-how, it took us a year to customize the recipes.

You have settled in an area with traditional cuisine, which is a very strong aspect of the local identity. Are you going to adapt the menu?

Regional cuisine and fast food are not opponents, they complement each other and my subscribers don’t care. At the moment, the menus in all restaurants are the same, but maybe one day we will have themed menus. In the meantime, we work with French products, and on my channel I consider it a matter of honor to cover all types of cuisine.