How to cook macaroni and cheese?

How to cook macaroni and cheese?

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Karin Levo
To make the pasta delicious on its own, fry it for a minute in salted butter in a non-stick pan. To make the recipe creamy, I make whole cream sauce. In the saucepan, I let the cream decrease a little while continuing to whisk. Then add the pasta and then the grated cheese. Make sure you have enough sauce to evenly coat all the pasta.


Joe Tortin
For macaroni and cheese, the first step is to cook the macaroni. Prepare salted boiling water. Know that 100 g of pasta will require 1 liter of water and 10 g of salt. Add pasta only when the water boils. Stir the pasta from time to time to keep it from sticking together. Check the instructions on the package for cooking times, or just try them to make sure they’re perfect. Drain them after cooking.

Charlie Hilley
Thank you, it’s true that well-cooked pasta is essential! How to make food tender and tasty? In most cases, the taste of cheese is very faded, but I put it in a sufficient amount.

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François Pigeon
For my part, I mix pasta with bechamel cheese. Simply make a white roux with butter and flour, then top with milk. I season and add the shredded cheese, then pour in the pasta. If you really want a very creamy and gourmet dish, dilute the bechamel with milk and liquid cream.

Cecile Dester
I used to make macaroni and cheese with only macaroni, butter and cheese. Now I understand why my dish has not been a success so far!

Sophie Martin
For a strong cheese flavor, use an aromatic cheese like cheddar, gouda, parmesan, or gruyère, or mix them together. I advise you to sprinkle the dish with cheese before serving.

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