Skin tags are common and do not cause any health problems. But some of us prefer to remove them. There are many home remedies for removing skin tags. One such popular method is the use of apple cider vinegar.

In this article, we will discuss how safe and effective apple cider vinegar is for removing skin tags. Read on!

What is a skin tag?
Skin tags are small, soft skin growths that hang from the skin. They occur naturally due to factors such as friction, trauma, and genetics. “They can occur anywhere on the body, but they’re more common when they scrape skin or clothing,” says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Newman. Almost 50-60% of adults develop skin tags during their lifetime (1).

Skin tags do not cause health problems. However, most people prefer to remove them for cosmetic reasons. Both outpatient treatment and home treatment are available. Using apple cider vinegar is one such home remedy.

Can apple cider vinegar be used to remove skin tags? See what an expert has to say about it in the next section.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Remove Skin Tags?
“Yes, removing small blemishes with apple cider vinegar can be an effective treatment,” says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Zuriarrain. However, this process cannot remove large skin tags with long stems, he added.

Although there is no scientific evidence, people have been using apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags for years.

“In general, apple cider vinegar is safe. However, it may cause skin irritation and redness, so this treatment should be discontinued. However, it usually does not cause permanent damage. Depending on the various factors associated with skin tags, its effectiveness is questionable.” added Dr. Zuriarrain.

Find out what the research says about this home remedy in the next section.

What does the research say?
There is no scientific evidence to support the use of apple cider vinegar to remove stretch marks. Scattered reports indicate that topical application of high-concentration acetic acid solutions relieves cloudiness (2). Apple cider vinegar contains 5-6% acetic acid, which helps remove skin tags.

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