How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

Sleeping on your back, stomach, side, or in the fetal position, everyone has a favorite sleeping position. And it is no coincidence that it can indicate health problems.

The bedding industry has long responded to this and provides adequate support at night with special pillows for side sleepers and pillows for stomach and back sleepers. Because everyone has their favorite place in bed. The lateral position is the most common position for sleeping, followed by the prone position and the prone position in the third position, as studies by sleep researchers have shown.

We usually unconsciously choose the sleeping position we use most often, but not by accident. Sleeping position says a lot about the state of health and can therefore also affect it.

Side rails: right or left is critical
People who sleep on their right side often have stomach problems. This is because stomach acid can easily flow into the esophagus. In addition, this sleeping position makes it difficult for the pancreas to work because the stomach puts pressure on it. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology showed that right-hand sleepers are twice as likely to have heartburn and digestive problems as left-hand sleepers.

This is why people who sleep on their left side tend to have healthy and orderly digestion and tend to have fewer heart problems. Because our main artery bends to the left and blood can be easily pumped in this sleeping position. Those who sleep on the left have a clear advantage.

sleep like a fetus
However, when you lie on your side, it also depends on how you position your arms and legs. The position of the fetus with arms and legs flexed, which at first glance seems very relaxed, is often associated with pain in the neck and back. In addition, the tendency to roll over makes it difficult to breathe deeply due to the pressure on the organs.

Sleeping on your side is much better for your back if your leg is slightly raised and your leg straight down. This sleeping position perfectly relaxes the lumbar spine.

Lying down: risk of snoring and often dangerous respiratory arrest
Although the so-called “starfish”, that is, sleeping on your back with your arms and legs fully extended, is considered a particularly comfortable sleeping position: a lying position is associated with a high health risk. Back sleepers often snore. When you sleep, the muscles in your throat relax. If the sleeper is also lying on their back, the tongue can return to the throat and narrow the airway. The breath audibly passes through the neck of the bottle. There are buzzes.

If the contraction is particularly strong, breathing can sometimes stop and sleep apnea can occur. Above all, the one who sleeps alone knows nothing about it, but suffers from consequences such as high blood pressure and elevated heart rate, which greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

By the way, anyone who sleeps on their back and likes to support their head and neck with high pillows often has heart and lung problems. This sleeping position makes it easier for the heart and lungs to work. For example, shallow sleep is rarely possible for pulmonary patients, such as those with COPD, and breathing is very labored.

Lying on your stomach often indicates back problems and problems with alcohol
Lying on your stomach relaxes the intervertebral discs and supports the natural curvature of the spine. Therefore, anyone with lower back problems would like to choose this sleeping position. However, it can also indicate an alcohol problem, according to studies. According to this, people who drink a lot of alcohol often sleep with their faces buried in the pillow.

It is better to sleep flexible
Therefore, anyone who likes to sleep on their stomach or back should roll on their side a lot at night, preferably on their left. This can prevent certain health problems.

However, this sleeping position also has a small risk, albeit a purely cosmetic one: it can compress facial wrinkles at night and, in women, they can also form in the chest area if the breasts give way to gravity. In terms of health and beautiful skin, you are much safer if you like ten percent sleepers: you change positions several times a night, so you are flexible and shy.

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