Is celery juice the new healthy trend?

Is celery juice the new healthy trend?

Origin of the trend

This detox owes its popularity to Anthony Williams, aka Medical Medium, a health and wellness guru. He has no background in medicine or nutrition, but on Instagram alone he has over 2 million followers! “Celery juice is amazing! (…) I have seen thousands of people suffering from chronic and mysterious diseases recover by drinking celery juice daily on an empty stomach,” says Anthony William. According to him, this vegetable has many benefits, such as liver detoxification, weight loss, improved digestion, fighting eczema, psoriasis and acne, lowering cholesterol and lowering high blood pressure. But how can a vegetable made up mostly of water have such a nutrient ratio?

Celery juice, miracle recipe?

Even if the enumeration of its virtues makes you dream, food in itself, unfortunately, cannot provide so many benefits. Celery, the miracle vegetable? Well no. Moreover, no expert in the field of nutrition confirms this theory. Rhiannon Lambert, a nutritionist and author, explains in an interview with Metro UK: “You won’t get any real nutritional benefit from celery juice after removing the fiber that helps you feel full, improves gut health, and feeds the good bacteria in your gut. . If you really like the bitter stems squeezed out of the juice, drink it, but if you don’t feel any unnecessary pain, just drink more water. In conclusion, this new trend is primarily social media fashion. In the long run, celery juice treatment will not improve your health, or at least not much. Even if we can highlight its moisturizing aspect, there are plenty of other drinks that won’t let you wince with every sip!

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