Jungle Juice – Hyeonjeun & Juder – Webtoon France

Jungle Juice – Hyeonjeun & Juder – Webtoon France

Suchan is a student like the others. Or almost… He is very successful and very popular among his comrades. However, the well-oiled mechanics of his life comes to a halt the day he is attacked by a mantis-legged man. In order to save his girlfriend, the hero has no choice: he must show that he has effective and powerful wings to resist him. They appeared after he used an insecticide to kill a dragonfly…

Jungle Juice - Hyeonjeun & Juder - Webtoon France

After videos circulating on the internet, Suchan’s comrades begin to question their friend’s possible enormity. He finds himself alone again until he meets Heejin, a mysterious girl who seems to have a mustache under her hat and promises to get him out of his loneliness.

Following him, Suchan discovers a special university: Nestn, where he sees an opportunity to become fully human again… Accompanied by Heejin and the other main characters, he must learn to accept his ugliness in order to become stronger.

Inspired by the myth of Spider-Man, hyeongjun, the writer of this series, immerses us in a fantasy world where many people have been genetically modified and have signs of insects. Even if the idea is not very original, the depth of the character’s writing draws interest and empathy from the reader. Turns quickly follow one after another, and the episodes are devoured with gusto. They are also an excuse to learn more about insects and their extraordinary abilities. A lesson in humility for the people we are…

With its precise design and almost photographic embellishments that allow the characters to stand out, its bright and sparkling colors, Juder he is excellent at fighting scenes in a Manichaean plot with fit girls with large breasts and thin waists … . BUT shonen a totally addictive classic.

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