KFC releases kaghetti, spaghetti with fried chicken

KFC releases kaghetti, spaghetti with fried chicken

A funny name for a plate of pasta, but its originality lies, above all, in a special sauce!

Credit: KFC Vietnam

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Fast food chains redouble their efforts to surprise us and reinvent their menus with twisted ideas. KFC, which specializes in fried chicken, is turning to an Italian specialty: spaghetti. Pasta and fried chicken lovers, the restaurant chain is trying to win your heart! However, this attempt raises questions about the composition of the recipe.

KFC offers cahetti

The fried chicken giant has really decided to offer different foods on its menu for innovation. This novelty originated in Vietnam, where spaghetti is perhaps very popular. The local KFC website describes this unique dish as follows: “Caghetti is the perfect combination of pasta and real Italian chicken tomato sauce with a side dish of KFC popcorn or ginger.”

In short, this elongated pasta is served with a sauce of their creation, and in the image of the presentation, we can guess that cherry tomatoes accompany everything. Caghetti echoes very quickly KFC and spaghetti, an abbreviation that is of interest. The fast food chain has yet to try the experiment in Europe, it remains to be seen whether the Vietnamese have been tempted by this new dish.