KFC will be offering Beyond Meat Vegan Fried Chicken for a limited time!

KFC will be offering Beyond Meat Vegan Fried Chicken for a limited time!

Starting next Monday, the fried chicken restaurant chain will be adding fake fried chicken to its menu! In collaboration with Beyond Meat, vegan chicken nuggets are (again) coming to KFC for a limited time, so hurry up!

KFC is adding vegan chicken nuggets to its menu for a limited time! 1 credit

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In recent years, fast food restaurants have increasingly adopted the vegetarian or even vegan trend in order to offer their customers a more complete offer. Burger King launched its limited-time veggie burger after a bet last summer, but the recipe proved so successful that Burger King ended up adding it to its menu full-time. Fast food leader specializing in fried chicken, KFC also plans to offer “fake” meat to its customers.

As such, vegan chicken will be available in KFC restaurants starting Monday, January 10th for a limited time! The menu includes vegetarian nuggets, developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat, a brand specializing in plant-based meat substitutes. These vegan chicken nuggets called “Beyond Fried Chicken” will start at $7 (about €6.19), according to KFC. An initiative that comes at the right time to elevate Veganuary while having fun at a fast food restaurant!

Vegan chicken is back at KFC!

This isn’t the first time KFC has included fake chicken on its menu. Indeed, in 2019, the fast food chain already collaborated with Beyond Meat during the experiment only in an Atlanta restaurant for one day. And we can say that this operation captivated buyers in many ways: in just five hours, all stocks of vegetarian nuggets disappeared! This time around, you’ll have a little more time to enjoy this vegan recipe as it won’t be on the menu for one day, but for a limited time.

However, we warn you: if the nuggets are 100% vegan, KFC admitted in 2019 that “Beyond Fried Chicken” was fried in the same oil bath as other fried chicken recipes… And, unfortunately, this the offer is not valid. offered only in the USA! Therefore, at the moment it is impossible to please you with vegan chicken nuggets in your French KFC restaurant.

It is hoped that this initiative will soon cross the Atlantic Ocean as more and more people lean towards a more vegetarian diet. In the meantime, meat lovers will always be able to cook the famous KFC fried chicken at home according to our simple and very tasty recipe!