Kian Khojandi is preparing a very spicy interview for Jonathan Cohen

Kian Khojandi is preparing a very spicy interview for Jonathan Cohen

Studio Bagel presents the first episode of the Hot Ones talk show, where guests answer questions while sipping hotter sauces. The format is adapted from the American show.

Personalities, confessions, fried chicken… and overly spicy sauces. It’s a concept Hot, a new talk show broadcast on YouTube Studio Bagel and hosted by Kyan Khojandi. For the first release of this adaptation of the American concept, the actor hosts his colleague and friend Jonathan Cohen.

The idea is simple: a former actor Short interviews personalities around a table with fried chicken pieces and ten hot sauces, ranked from weakest to strongest. With each question, the effectiveness of the sauces increases on the Scoville scale, which ranks peppers from capsicum to the hottest habanero pepper in the world.

In full promotion of the continuation of his series Flameentitled TorchJonathan Cohen tries to answer Kyan Hojandi’s questions for half an hour while his tongue is “preparing for 220”.

Institution in the United States

Hot was born in 2015 in the USA. This program, hosted by Sean Evans, is currently airing its 17th season and recently crossed the 250th episode mark. In his seven years on the air, Sean Evans has hosted the most popular celebrities, from Colin Farrell and Ed Sheeran to Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, Kristen Stewart and Billie Eilish.

This is not the first time that Studio Bagel, a collective of comedians and videographers, has adapted a foreign concept. In 2016, the company imported tipsy recipes Quebec. In each episode, the comedian Monsieur Pulpe was given a personality with which he tried to compose a cooking recipe… while multiplying shots of vodka. The broadcast, accused of inciting alcohol consumption, was interrupted at the request of the Ministry of Health.