Kit Kat Introduces New Breakfast Flavored Recipe

Kit Kat Introduces New Breakfast Flavored Recipe

The iconic chocolate bar has been reimagined once again with an amazing new fruity cereal recipe!

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There’s a break, there’s a whale kat“. You know this slogan by heart. You must have eaten a Kit Kat at least once in your life. Covered in melted milk chocolate, this crunchy wafer is a treat that kids and adults alike will love. A chocolate bar already available in many flavors such as Whiskey barrel aged chocolate recipe or even a vegan version is available again with amazing taste.Inspired by breakfast, the new Kit Kat recipe will be with fruit flakes!

Kit Kat for breakfast?

Rumors have been circulating for months that Hershey’s is working on a new breakfast-inspired candy bar recipe. Here at last! Fruity Cereal Kit Kat will go on sale. This chocolate bar is no substitute for a real breakfast! It just has a sweet-sweet taste that we love when we enjoy cereal in the morning. Kind of nostalgia.

So Kit Kat decided to release this fruity cereal recipe in June. The new crispy wafers are covered with a fruity-grain cream and, judging by the packaging, have a pleasant light pink color with iridescent reflections. Also, judging by the information on the packaging, the taste seems to be inspired by Froot Loops cereal. Stop eating breakfast at any time of the day if it’s not happiness!

For now, these new Kit Kat bars are only being released in the US in a limited edition sometime in June and will retail for $1.09. We can’t wait to see them land in France!