Mac & Cheese, a dish that is in vogue among teenagers

Mac & Cheese, a dish that is in vogue among teenagers

This name suggests a hot dish “very sticky, with cheddar that makes strands, full of flavor and, above all, soft-soft, how I dream of it, what” by the definition of a teenager from a 16-year-old starving after school? Either way, Mac & Cheese is the envy of many, and it shows: Instagram still has over 1.5 million #macandcheese and 1.2 million #macncheese hashtags! Millions of photos dedicated to this dish of … good old macaroni and cheese, viewed in XXL format, mostly by Americans.

At home, Tuesday is ravioli, for them it’s more like Monday, it’s Mac Cheesy!

While the mac and cheese recipe combines tubular pasta, heavy cream and emmental, mac and cheese is known to be richer in shredded cheddar and melted cheese slices in a white sauce. A few onions, some mustard if you like, a long grilling time, and voila!

Here you will find a video example of this very rich recipe to make…sometimes it’s better!

Especially since sometimes it can turn into a nightmare…