Men Have A Morning ‘Secret’ That Every Woman Should Know.

Men always want sex! Or at least that’s the consensus among the general population. This argument is further substantiated when men wake up in the morning to wake up or have morning wood.
This is a difficult thing for a woman to understand. Waking up in the morning to start the day is hard enough, the last thing on a woman’s mind or body is to stay in the sack for sex. But doctors have studied why morning sickness occurs in men. Yes, it’s hard to believe that science has spent time on this topic.

What they find out is that it’s about him, not you, when he wakes up. The next time your partner wakes up with an erection, don’t feel like you don’t have to be intimate that early. He will be fine, this will pass.

It’s a part of life, and men of all ages wake up with an erection.
The medical name for morning glory is nocturnal genital warts (NPT). There are some theories as to why this happens when men wake up in the morning.

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