Michael Bossy smile

Michael Bossy smile

Children play hockey. The match is over, Michael Bossy joins them: “You played like a pro, I’m very pleased with you guys. » The player takes off his mask… It’s a player! Bossy pulls herself together, smiling broadly: “And the girls! The girl’s mother offers to go out and get some Kentucky fried chicken for the hungry kids. Bossy, enjoying himself, confessed to the young player: “I give your mother three stars! Mother adds: “And me to the Colonel’s secret recipe!” Bossy concludes, “Good chicken!” »

Published April 16

Andre-Philippe Gagnon impersonator has just found a new character! Inspired by this ad campaign, he created his Michael Bossy. A sympathetic being, naive, enthusiastic, without malice, with a crushing smile. For my purpose, the writer that I am is betting on the behind the scenes of a glorious life as a hockey player and on a rivalry with Wayne Gretzky. In 1982 Bossy scored 64 goals! 64 goals! Blimey! What dominance! Unless Gretzky himself has 92: “Gretzky! Greek! He never knows when to stop, Gretzky! »


André-Philippe Gagnon, early 1980s.

The New York Islanders No. 22 has a selection in Andre-Philippe’s first solo show. He appears skating on the stage of the theater Saint-Denis, wearing a helmet on his head, with a bottle of water in his hand, to the delight of the audience, who give him a standing ovation.

One autumn evening in 1987, the real one is in the room and witnesses the triumph of his double. We are a little concerned. How will he take it? After all, the cartoon only talks about the fried chicken of his personality. In fact, Bossy is a brilliant, deep-thinking being. Would it hurt him to look like Paul’s cousin and Paul’s boxer?

Not at all! When the show ends, he hurries to come to congratulate André-Philippe and confesses to him: “My girlfriend thinks that we are alike! Laughs like his imitation. He was amused by the comparisons to ’99 and added water to our mill: “During the All-Star game in Washington, the players were hosted at the White House. I was sitting at Vice President Bush’s desk, and Gretzky was sitting at President Reagan’s desk! He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. We would have sworn PNG! Of course he’s not jealous of La Mervey. Against. But he plays the game because he enjoys making people laugh just as much as his clone does.

Simple guy. Real.

However, Michael Bossy could easily have had a big head. Ignored by CH, during the 1977 consolation performance in New York City, he became a legend. Yes, legend, the word is not exaggerated, this time. Nine seasons of 50+ goals, 4 Stanley Cups in a row, 573 career goals in just 752 games! Averaged 0.76 goals per game. In comparison, Gretzky scored 0.60 goals per game. Yes, he beats Gretzky in this column. Good to say.

Since his exploits were performed far away, for the enemy team, Bossy never took advantage of the adulation we give to LaFleur or Roy. It’s a shame, but it’s understandable. Lafleur’s goals, he counted them with us. Roy’s saves, he completed them with us. While Bossy was scoring goals without us. But he marked them anyway. With everything that was in him, like a little boy from Montreal.

Fortunately, he lived his post-career here. With us. From CKOI to TVA Sports, he was in all the stands. He was certainly a hockey player who had never worn the latest Canadiens jersey in his life.

Bossy never stopped being a hometown guy.

When I met him, sometimes, at the turn of the TV, he always greeted me kindly. Addendum: “You will say hello to André-Philippe. Before giving me a beautiful wide smile. His famous smile, which has more teeth than all other hockey players combined.

Beautiful smile, like a friend.

Quebec just lost a friend.

With whom we liked to talk about hockey.

Because we know that talking about hockey is just another way to talk about love and friendship.

Thanks Mike Bossy.