Mixing lemon juice and coffee to lose weight?  This “miraculous” drink made a splash and attracted the attention of scientists

Mixing lemon juice and coffee to lose weight? This “miraculous” drink made a splash and attracted the attention of scientists

Weight loss depends on many parameters, diet is the cornerstone. Since this summer, the so-called slimming drink has been buzzing on TikTok, which has become a miracle drink for getting rid of fat and shedding a few kilograms: coffee with lemon or coffee with lemon.

The recipe is very simple, it consists in diluting instant coffee with hot water while adding freshly squeezed lemon juice. According to the followers, it is enough to drink the mixture on an empty stomach, early in the morning, to get ” immediate results “.

Accompanied by hashtags: #lemoncoffee, #lemonandcoffeechallenge, videos praising the effects of the drink are multiplying. The sequences show the impressive physical transformations that came directly from this famous drink. A surfer claims to have shed belly fat in just five days, another claims to have lost six kilos in five weeks…

Yet this drink promises to burn fat in record time.” efficacy has never been scientifically proven » explain to specialists AFP who sound the alarm.

On the one hand, drinking the drink is torture, because the taste is sharp and sour, on the other hand, there is nothing miraculous about the drink … Worse, it has harmful health effects.

Aggressive mix

Asked by AFP, Pierre Dechelotte, president of the French-speaking Society for Clinical and Metabolic Nutrition, explains that combining these two ingredients in the same drink can be ” aggressive to the mucous membrane “. At stake? From ” digestive disorders “. Expert says: The use of such a process is a food roulette. “.

Cecile Betri, physician and nutrition researcher, always informs AFP : “ There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that mixing these two products will provide any significant weight loss benefits. “.

How to explain the significant weight loss noted in the footage posted on social networks? Beatrice Duberne, pediatric nutritionist at Armand-Trousseau Hospital, explains: “ If the usual diet is replaced with this mixture, it will cause calorie restriction, which will actually lead to weight loss. “. She warns of the possible: rapid loss of lean body mass, which is dangerous and puts you at risk of malnutrition “. Experts point out that then the body loses muscle, not fat.

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