Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 test: slightly squeezed juicer

Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 test: slightly squeezed juicer

Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 is a good juicer, grinds food pretty quickly, but is a little inferior in terms of filtration.

In our apple tests, Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 took 46 seconds to swallow 200g of apples (cut into quarters). At the end of this test, we notice that the extractor has yielded 68% juice, which corresponds to 135g out of 200g. A very reasonable amount.

The test with oranges is just as convincing, as Ultra Juice ZU600110 absorbed 200g of this fruit (cut into quarters) in 57 seconds. After grinding, we get 65% juice, which is a good average in our comparison. For example, Kuving EVO820 only extracts 60% juice.

We then passed the juice through a sieve to observe the amount of pulp present. It is clear that the grinding was not the most effective, since the fiber in the juice was 17 g. The Kuving EVO820 (again he) left only 2 g in the filter.

Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 only takes 35 seconds to grind 200g of carrots, which is pretty fast. This extractor is quite efficient in this regard because we found 45% juice at the end of the grind. Having passed the juice through a sieve, we notice that there are still 12.20 g of fibers left on the sieve. In comparison, the Philips Masticating Juicer HR1889 left only 3.80g of residue.

We then test our devices on oilseeds, in this case almonds. To prepare almond milk, put 35 g of almonds and 500 g of water into the trough. And in this regard, Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 is doing well, since it takes 28 seconds to complete this task and 90% of the juice is obtained. On the other hand, it leaves 15.70 g of residue on the sieve, which is a large amount compared to other devices in our comparison, some of which leave only 2 g of shell.

Finally, we run our tests with 50g of parsley to make sure the branches don’t get too tangled around the screw. After 1 min 15 s, the extractor yielded 53% juice, a very respectable result compared to the Philips Masticating Juicer HR1889, which yielded only 20% parsley juice. Again, it is in the amount of fiber found in the juice that the shoes nibble, since we got 13.50 g of material per sieve.

While the Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110 can grind juice quickly, it doesn’t necessarily do it efficiently: most juices come out full of pulp and fiber.