Navya Naveli Nanda loves Nutella, here’s the proof – LaFibreOptique

Navya Naveli Nanda loves Nutella, here’s the proof – LaFibreOptique

Like many of us, Navya Naveli Nanda loves to enjoy the delicious taste of Nutella. Chocolate delight has captured the hearts of many people around the world. Now the granddaughter of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has also confessed her love for the taste. How can we know? She posted a clip of Nutella to Instagram Stories. The video was enough to make us salivate. To add to this, Navia also wrote a signature that none of us can top. She captioned her image “Bank” and added a chocolate bar emoji. The video shows a spoon dipped in a Nutella cream jar. Isn’t this saliva worthy? Watched.


Navya Nanda shares her love for Nutella.

You can enjoy this chocolate spread in many different ways. Here are some ideas where you can enjoy Nutella:

1. Brownie with Nutella

Instead of adding chocolate powder to your brownie dough, you can make brownies by adding Nutella balls. The technique is the same, only much more fun and tastier.

2. French toast with Nutella

Tired of the same type of French toast? You can try adding Nutella to it for a chocolate treat. All you have to do is add one more step to your regular French toast recipe. When your fresh bread is ready, simply sprinkle a small amount of Nutella on it.

3. Nutella Shake

Nutella can be added to chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for a delicious morning smoothie. Take it for breakfast or just save it for a snack.

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Everyone loves Nutella.

4. Nutella Donuts

Nutella can add zest to any dish. You can add a pinch of Nutella to make donuts and we are sure you will love them.

5. Nutella flakes

Spoons of Nutella can be added to a bowl of breakfast cereal without hesitation. Try it and make your morning more chocolatey.