no less delicious marinade recipes with chicken, fish and lamb – LaFibreOptique

no less delicious marinade recipes with chicken, fish and lamb – LaFibreOptique

Beyond Aam Ka Aachar: Chicken, Fish and Lamb Pickle Recipes That Are Equally Tempting

5 Vegetable-Free Pickle Recipes You Must Try

Juicy, spicy and tangy, aam ka achar is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about Indian pickles. Other notable versions include mirchi ka achar, gajar ka achar, nimbu ka achar, and a variety of vegetables that are usually pickled and preserved for several months. These savory pickles can spice up even the most bland dishes and spice up just about any dish they pair with! But did you know that the art of marinating is not just about vegetables? Yes! You read it right. You can also make an achar/marinade with non-vegetarian ingredients! In fact, from chicken to fish to lamb, there is also a wide variety of non-vegetarian pickles! Do you want to try them? Here are 5 non-vegetarian pickles you can make at home and enjoy.

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Pickled cucumbers are a must in summer

5 To try non-vegetarian pickles:

1. Murg Ka Achar: (our top recommendation)

Chicken, which is one of the favorite foods for non-vegetarians, also shines on the list of marinades! Easy to make and probably the most affordable, this chicken achar will soon become a talking point at every table you cook it for. The spicy vinegar and spicy masalas used to make it make it the perfect pairing with dal chawal, roti, paratha and other dishes. Click here for the recipe.

2. Fried Chicken Aahar:

Fried chicken achar is another non-vegetarian achar that can be cooked on a loop. Crispy chicken pieces are topped with fried masala, which includes ginger, garlic, onion and powdered spices. Just before serving, a bit of vinegar is added and the delicious spicy fried chicken is ready to serve. Here is a detailed recipe for you.