Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes – Marie Claire

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes – Marie Claire

Creative and friendly soft drink recipes will allow you to have fun and celebrate without frills with aperitif without alcohol. To last the night or drink on any occasion, ditch beer, wine or digestifs and replace them with tasty ones. non-alcoholic cocktails. An opportunity to liven up your evenings with innovative recipes tailored to the desires of your guests.

Non-alcoholic cocktails according to the craziest recipes

Easily reachable at home with a few turns of the hand, non-alcoholic cocktails too often associated with drinks for children. A clever blend of juice, shake, smoothie and soda, the far more complex non-alcoholic cocktail reinvents the holiday aperitif. Although it means “fake cocktail” in English, a mocktail is not a simple “virgin” version of an alcoholic cocktail. It is the promise of a precisely dosed drink, a balance of flavors and original creations with fruity, sweet, floral, spicy or tangy flavors.

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Cocktails Without a Headache (or a Headache)

Forgotten for years, non-alcoholic cocktails have nothing to do with alcoholic versions, which, in addition to feeling intoxicated, dehydrate the entire body without warning. These refreshing and low calorie soft drinks endlessly available for guaranteed enjoyment: still or sparkling water, sodas, fruit juices or syrups, aromatic herbs, spices, dried flowers and even non-alcoholic spirits, create, mix and shake with whatever you like.

Our mocktail recipes for a delicious summer aperitif

In our collection of mocktail recipes, you will find everything: spicy, tonic, tart, relaxing, sparkling, but always refreshing. For a detox, add a slice of cucumber or ginger to your smoothie for a pleasant lightness. But above all, let your imagination run wild! Feel free to add fragrant herbs like mint, dill, basil, or rosemary for freshness. If you want spicy non-alcoholic cocktails, sprinkle the soft drink with Espelette pepper, Worcestershire sauce, cumin, or cardamom. Enjoying a non-alcoholic cocktail is also an opportunity to return to famous cocktail recipes such as mojito, martini or bloody mary. The most important thing is to pamper yourself and discover new tastes!