Paula Patton’s fried chicken recipe is outrageous

Paula Patton’s fried chicken recipe is outrageous

Paula Patton was very proud to share her mom’s “famous” fried chicken recipe. Undoubtedly, she even expected congratulations and to see the culinary experiments of her followers on Instagram … Well, nothing, and even worse: Internet users screamed when they saw her video. Reason? Actress Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol wash the chicken before cooking.

So you might think that everyone is rioting because washing raw chicken under water before cooking is dangerous heresy. This practice is indeed strongly discouraged (even in the United Kingdom) under the threat of contamination with nasty bacteria such as E. coli and other Salmonella or Campylobacter. Anyone who has ever had gastroenteritis does not want to remember this memory. Well, not at all! According to CNN (because yes, a national scandal in the US), the scientists of the Network are horrified because they think that she does not launder her well enough!

Mandatory apology

Plus, she seasons frying oil, not chicken, which is nonsense to her followers. As a result, Paula Patton issued her strongest apology to netizens and explained herself in a new video. She obediently washed the chicken under water, but for the sake of brevity, this excerpt was cut short. As for spices: “My mother taught me that.”

Here the Americans have reassured, and us, a little less. The bacteria found in chicken is destroyed during cooking (the reason chicken needs to be cooked well). And to avoid the spread of germs and cross-contamination, simply wash your hands after handling utensils. Either way, this new Hollywood scandal confirms the level of knowledge circulating on the web…