PHOTO – Detox: tips from stars to stay slim and fit during and after the holidays

PHOTO – Detox: tips from stars to stay slim and fit during and after the holidays

Enjoying holiday meals without sacrificing your silhouette? Maybe ! A few days of detox before and after will allow you to have fun without gaining weight, compensating for excess. That’s all the star’s ways to fit into her dress!

To help the body deal with excess food instead of storing it, ideally give our digestive system a break while it eliminates toxins from sugar, fat, alcohol and animal protein. Thus, the principle is to stimulate the excretion of waste, make it easier for the body in terms of digestion and reduce the number of calories during treatment for a few days, but no more, otherwise beware of deficiency! In the program: a lot of liquid, nutrients, fiber and cleansing active ingredients.

Detox broth

Inspired by Martha’s Vineyard Diet, it involves taking in a lot of nutrients, but only in liquid form. According to the program,isanes, but also and especially broths who helped Gisele Bündchen and Beyoncé keep the line. These vegetable infusions are good for ridding the body of toxins, especially if they are prepared on the basis of cruciferous (cabbage, turnip, radish, etc.) with recognized cleansing properties. They replace mealsu can be accompanied by vermicelli or vegetables for a light menu and gentle detox.

Fruit and vegetable detox

Be in shape In the morning, Kourtney Kardashian loves to make herself an avocado smoothie. (recipe in our slideshow), perfect to replace a meal without depriving yourself and start the day with a healthy lifestyle. Marion Cotillard regularly posts illustrations on Instagram to help us choose seasonal fruits and vegetables every month of the year. Contains fiber, vitamins and nutrients small smoothie course or vegetable soups like Gwyneth Paltrow’s.natural detox by filling yourself with good things… and fun! Letitia Milot prefers a detox diet where you eat only one fruit or vegetable for a few days and choose to eat apples.

Green juice detox

Green juice is a mixture of mixed fruits, leaves and green vegetables: kiwi, baby spinach, cucumber, apple, celery… who love Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as French stars! Letitia Casta does a vegetable juice treatment once or twice a year in Detox Delight to “clean up the car.” Estelle Lefebure reveals her green juice recipe in his ORAHE method (recipe in our slideshow). For Elle MacPherson, who eats an alkaline (non-acidifying) diet, these are WelleCo’s “super elixirs” based on super-ingredients (Chinese herbs, goji berries, dandelion, maitake mushrooms, etc.) that she imagined herself swallowing. daily! (Find his alkaline detox diet on the brand’s blog.) Finally, known for her “healthy” lifestyle, Cameron Diaz also loves greens. A “green” diet, which can thus be formulated by mixing considered cleansing vegetables such as asparagus (diuretics), artichokes, and herbs such as parsley for an additional supply of vitamin C. Meghan Markle before pregnancy moreover, said about these “green juices” that they are part of his philosophy, considering food as the best medicine.

tea detox

Tea has cleansing and draining properties. famous, which the stars do not deprive themselves of. Organic advocate Hélène de Fougerols has taken care of her Gunpowder line of green teas, especially rich in antioxidants, actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens presented herself with Bootea detox tea, and Kylie Jenner with Skinny Mint, two plant blends that stimulate and promote elimination. As for Caroline Resever, she completely created her own brand detox teas to treat bloated stomach problems with an herbal pharmacist. (information in the slideshow)

infrared detox

In this box that brings the heritage art of the Japanese sauna back to taste during the day, the body receives long infrared rays that are very beneficial for the body, which produce gentle heat that causes profuse sweating, just like after sports! Thus, the catalyst recognized by INPI as a patent for an invention allows detoxification of the body by removing, among other things, heavy metals. Michel Laroque can no longer do without him and she has Yashidome installed at home. It is enough for us to go to college.

Detox with Lemon and Vinegar in the Morning

Many stars claim to drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in a glass of warm water in the morning, from Vanessa Paradis to Meghan Markle, or even vinegar for Jennifer Aniston, as well as Megan Fox or Demi Moore. Also called “Lemonade Diet” or “Master Cleanse”. one of the very muscular lemon detox tested by Beyoncé or Mariah Carey, is to drink a little more lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper every day. Without going that far detoxifying properties of lemon no longer subject to display and enough to drain the body. On the other hand, if you are prone to hyperacidity, you can also drink it around 17:00 instead of in the morning, on an empty stomach, or mixed with green tea and pomegranate, like Elena Noguerra or Elisa Tovati, who like this recipe created by Dr. Helen . Brandt.

Detox with natural and essential oils

Emmanuelle Beart uses sage, thyme and rosemary are great for the liver. A ritual inherited from my grandmother. 5th World Surfer and 2013 European Champion Johanna Defay uses essential oils daily to stay fit and boost her metabolism. Miranda Kerr loves for her part lavender essential oil to relax, and creates her own compositions based on rosewood, cedar, sandalwood and ylang-ylang to soothe your body and mind. Lemon, rosemary, mint or grapefruit should be combined on the advice of a pharmacist to stimulate bowel function.

Charcoal detox

Far from new, this 100% herbal active ingredient that helps cleanse the digestive system and deflate the stomach is back with stars who are fans of natural methods. Charcoal is obtained by calcining at very high temperatures plant residues from the shell of coconuts, which, having become porous, have a high absorption capacity. Today, no pills: in Hollywood, it is consumed in drinks fortified with lemon and other detox active ingredients to enhance the effect.

Detox with herbal juices

Many actresses like Eva Green. began using “Green Magma”, the juice of a mixed grass of barley or wheat. Wheatgrass juice, rich in chlorophyll, is a concentrate of vitamins B, A and C, accompanied by bioflavonoids, as well as many minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus, enzymes and antioxidants. Detoxification and regeneration, this is a treasure!

Detox birch sap

Recognized by the European Medicines Agency, birch has powerful diuretic properties. Its kidneys enhance the body’s cleansing abilities and facilitate the elimination of bile acids, uric acid and urea, toxins produced by the decomposition of meat when the juice from the leaves reduces water retention and cellulite.

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